Amazon Selfie Ring Light

I feel like I may be behind on this whole selfie ring light situation, but here I am. I’ve wanted one for a while now but there’s a million options and didn’t know which one to pull the trigger on. I (finally) purchased this one from Amazon (obviously) and I love it! It has over 16,000 reviews AND it’s only $39.99. It’s actually on sale now for only 33.99- so, score. These two pictures were both taken with my IPhone X and the selfie ring light.

Features: three light options, adjustable tripod stand, universal phone holder and a bluetooth remote.

I know there is so many options when it comes to these things, so hopefully this can nudge you in the right direction. I found this to be an awesome starter kit for getting in some fabulous pictures. Next up- I will shoot a video on something, stay tuned. Very convenient. Now, GO and purchase this because selfies are still a thing people!


Selfie Ring Light Tripod

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