Sweater Weather (Kind Of)


We recently took a stroll to Camelback mountain. We’re super fortunate to live right behind it and it’s only a 20 minute walk from our house. Notice I said we took a stroll by it and not actually hiked it because they don’t allow dogs on the trail. The sun was setting and it was actually beginning to cool down in the sunshine state so we decided to take advantage of it!

At the first sign of cool weather in Arizona I’m ready with all my fall/ winter attire. It’s rare I actually get to put my large collection of fall and winter attire to use so when I remotely have the chance you better believe I run with it!

Of course my muse is always in the shot. I mean seriously look at her!

Outfit details linked below:
Sweater (similar) / Shoes / Pants (similar) / Sunglasses (similar)

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