DYI | Feather Trim Jeans

Feather trimmed jeans. I mean, need I saw more? I have been on the search for these fun jeans for some time now. However, every time I came across a website that actually had them they were either $500 + or sold out. I didn’t give up my quest to have these in my closet — until I did. Once I have an image in my head of an outfit or piece I have to create it. I started Googling “DYI feather trim jeans.” A lot of suggestion out on the worldwide wide web – boas, trims, individual feathers, etc. I went to Michaels but wasn’t successful in finding what I actually wanted. Then I came across the Simplicity 6” Ostrich Feather Boa Black from Joann’s and JACKPOT! Placed my order (and used my coupons, obviously). I was so excited to start this project that I actually drove to the wrong location :}. Second time’s a charm and secured the feathers! Here’s the scoop:

+ Quantity 6 of the ostrich feather

+ Used the Joe Jean’s I already had. I would recommend using straight legged jeans and not straight ones so that it give’s the extra flare. 

+ Material: Feather, scissors, needle and thread 

+ I wanted a more dramatic look (obvs) so I decided to do three rows of the feather. Two would have worked fine as well. Tip: sow from the inside out and give approximately 2-3 inches between each layer of feather and between each sow. This will allow the feathers to be more loose and move seamlessly. 

+ Time: It took me approximately 45 minutes from start to finish and it got a lot easier the more I got into the groove. 

+ Do be prepared to have feathers throughout your workspace as it tends to be a bit messy. At least everyone will know you and your jeans were there! 

I still have a little more feather left and am thinking of doing feather trims on shirt sleeves or collars – the possibilities are endless. 

Let me know if you decide to try this!

xoxo RAJ 

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